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When we think of changing our lives, the first idea that comes to mind is that of a drastic change. Completely changing your life is not a necessary step to achieve personal fulfillment.

In reality, there are probably things in your life that you would not want to change because they bring you joy. These elements already constitute a springboard. With confidence, you can lean on it to launch yourself and go further!

In this article, it is a question of starting your change from within, because the revolution always begins from within. How to change your life by transforming your state of mind, your behaviors and your habits?

The state of mind: the most powerful tool to change your life

Change of life is learned through the change of perspective on the world around us. Soon 8 billion human beings living on the same planet with as many different ways of perceiving it! We can deduce that on a personal level, the world is partly a reflection of our interpretation of it.

At Solution ERA, we call this set of interpretations the “world model”. And the good news is that we all have a choice on how we want to model it, precisely!

Changing jobs or going around the world is not a necessary step to change your life. Before going to look for the answers of a more fulfilling life outside, you can rely on your personal resources. Your state of mind is very important in bringing about the changes you want to see.

Do you feel like you’re missing out on something? Every person has the potential to change the world.

And if you are reading this article, it is because you have already defined a need to evolve as well as a desire to change things. By changing your perspective on events, you can now become an agent of change!

Stop empowering the outside and empower yourself

The more a person takes responsibility for their life, the more power they have over themselves. Each person has their own set of small and big problems to overcome. But when a person feels that life is full of shadows and injustice, a lot of their energy is consumed by frustration.

It is possible to put a more positive light on the events that are unfolding and to stop blaming the outside. Daring to take more control of your life means taking greater responsibility for what happens to you. It also often involves a change in lifestyle.

Practicing positive thinking to change your view of the world

Positive thinking as we see it is not some overused idea that the negative should be ignored. Nor is it an injunction to happiness at all costs. It is a question of taking advantage of events to be satisfied with them as much as possible.

Desire to change your life to fulfill yourself

Positive thinking is practiced every day through your choices and behaviors:

Choose to enjoy the present moment rather than rehash the events of the past<

Focus on the solutions to be put in place rather than on the problems

Feel grateful for what you already have

Take a moment to fully savor a moment of joy

For the same event, there are several perspectives. Which will be the most useful and profitable for you? It’s up to you which one is more positive. Seeing things differently, you are naturally led to change your life. And you also become a beacon for those around you!

Changing your life one step at a time

Changing your life makes you dizzy when our actions are like a great leap into the void. However, change is most often a process that happens one step at a time.

Obviously, this sounds a lot less glamorous than a Hollywood movie script. Wanting to change everything with the idea of ​​starting from scratch: changing jobs, changing paths, changing homes. That said, it is possible to achieve change without having to throw it all away! For example, you can take time:

to think and plan

for a sabbatical

to train you

It’s about taking stock. Why this desire for change in his life? Dissatisfaction with the current situation often stems from unmet personal needs. Indeed, apart from the vital needs, the human being has needs of realization.

Contributing to a better world, growing and developing and expressing your creativity are part of it. And these vibrate in each person to different degrees.

Therefore, it is important to clarify your desires and identify what needs they relate to. In the same way that you would do a skills assessment, you can take an hour to quiz yourself.

Adopt a positive mindset to embrace change

Do you want to change your life to escape a problematic situation? If so, what are the needs that are not being met in the current situation?

Do you want to initiate a change to realize a lifelong dream? List the needs you plan to fill, and how it would be possible for you to fill them now.

Do you want to achieve a change to find a better quality of life? Prioritize the needs you want to fill first and start small.

When you identify what makes you vibrate internally, you open doors to an infinity of solutions. Indeed, there is more than one way to fulfill your deep desires!

This person also identified a desire to help preserve the planet. If the acquisition of a farm is not feasible, it can be done in other ways:

Thanks to a better knowledge of himself, this person has entered what we call the Age of Solutions! And it doesn’t just go through his initial idea.

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