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How to change life  ? This is a question that the vast majority of people have already asked themselves at least once. Dream or stay realistic? Dare to have no regrets or remember “that we know what we lose but not what we gain”? Because today there is more and more awareness of the potential for fulfillment and fulfillment of each individual , changing one’s life has become the most shared dream in the world.

Yes, but how do you go about changing your life ? What steps should be followed? And what mistakes should be avoided? Of course, each situation is unique, but there are keys that are important to know in order to make a successful change in life.

The three essential steps to know to know  how to change your life by combining serenity and audacity;

At the end of the article, I also give you the first step to take to initiate change today! After all, no more time to waste, to change your life , you have to go into action mode 😊

How to change life?

Key to change #1: Take a full life review

 It’s obvious. How to change your life if you don’t know exactly where you want to go? Before hitting the road, you consult a road map, right?

The same principle applies to our life. Should apply, because strangely, setting medium or long term life goals is not a very shared habit.

Before embarking on the big change, take the time to think things through . Do not change on a whim, but go around the question.

So start by taking stock of your life, area by area: family, professional, social… don’t change to run away from something, but build your future life, conscious and fulfilling.

Ask yourself what is right, what is wrong, and look for the reasons for your appreciation.

How to change your life – key  #2: create your life vision

 Take care to determine where you want to go. What do you need to flourish, to vibrate on a daily basis?

Of course, this will require you to disentangle the true from the false (what you really like, what you have become accustomed to liking to please or obtain recognition).

To identify what your life mission really is , ask your loved ones, parents, brothers and sisters, for example, what you liked to do when you were little… before you completely fit into the mold or please the .

Also work on your values, on your deep aspirations, to be able to give meaning to your life .  List your values , those  that you naturally defend on a daily basis. How are your values ​​undermined today? How to change your life and find the framework that will allow you to highlight them and increase your satisfaction?

The ACT method is a real practical guide that gives you many tools to take stock on a professional level.

Key to change #3: listening to yourself

 You run so much that it is not surprising at some point to lose sight of you! I love this quote from Eckart Tollé which says:

Like everyone else, you probably occupy your mind, your office, your home with objects, activities, more or less useful tasks… which prevents you from finding yourself alone with yourself and asking yourself questions.

It’s a pity, because you are thus more vulnerable to habits, to influences, to conditioning. Get into the habit of giving yourself breaks to breathe, to come back to your body, to your breathing .

Just be quiet, one-on-one with yourself, for a few minutes each day. Anchor yourself in the present moment, focusing your attention on what is happening within you: your emotions, your sensations, your thoughts. Watch them and let them go.

Key to Change #4: Practice the Law of Attraction

I have just finished reading ”  The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy ”  by Laurent Gounelle, and I who was skeptical of the law of attraction, I must admit that it is rather common sense itself.

So imagine yourself regularly in the shoes of your having succeeded in this change of life.

Proceed with this little visualization: for about ten minutes each day throughout your transition period (and continue after!), immerse yourself completely in your future Self, once your change is complete. Immerse yourself in what you feel, the strength that drives you, the pride of having succeeded, the satisfaction of doing, of finally living a life that resembles you.

How to change your life – key #5: be patient

It is necessary to accept that change takes time . You have taken x years to get where you are today, accept the idea that you cannot change everything in one year.

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