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We all have heard about hair wax and gel, and most know how they work. But for those unaware, hair wax is a thick hair styling product that contains wax and supports holding the hair. Hair gel is a styling product that helps you set your hair in a specific style. In short, you can use hair gels and waxes for making multiple hairstyles and upgrading your look.

Benefits of Hair Wax and Gel

Hair Wax

  • It helps you to create different hairstyles. 
  • Hair wax is not only used by men; many women use it for different hairstyles. 
  • It provides a good texture. 
  • It is versatile. You can use it for a full-head hairstyle or style a particular section. 
  • You can apply hair wax to both wet and dry hair. 
  • Hair wax gives your hair a natural dull shine. 

Hair Gel

  • Some hair gel gives your hair nutrients and makes it healthier. 
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your hairstyle midway. Your style will last the whole day. 
  • Hair gel makes your hair look thicker. 
  • Some hair gels also offer temporary colour. 
  • You can style your hair on your own; no need to spend on parlours. 

Things You Should Avoid While Using Hair Wax and Gel

  • Restricting your hair wax and gel use once or thrice a month would be best. 
  • Do not go for the cheapest products, as it damages your hair. Expensive does not mean better, but having a good knowledge of the ingredients will help with your hair quality.
  • You should not comb your hair while applying the gel. 
  • It would help if you did not use too much hair wax or gel. 
  • Do not leave wax or gel for more than 48 hours without washing.

How to Apply Hair Gel and Wax Correctly

  1. Take a very small or coin-sized amount of hair gel/wax on your fingertips and rub your hands together to coat your hands and rub them on your hair like shampoo. 
  2. Style your hair according to your preference. 
  3. Give your hair some time to dry. 

Pro Tip: In the case of hair wax, warm it up and then apply it to your hair. 

Best Hair Wax and Gel to Style Your Hair

Sometimes, using the wrong hair gel can also damage your hair. Therefore, we have shortlisted some products that will suit your hair. You can purchase these gels online from Health & Glow

Arata Advanced Curl Care Hair Ge

Arata Advanced Curl Care Hair Gel is a curly hair gel that gives you a well-defined curl pattern with a soft natural hold ideal for heat and humidity. It does not contain toxic chemicals for styling, like synthetic paraben. This gel reduces the risk of hair damage, loss, and premature greying. It is a unisex hair gel for curly hair and has a mild fragrance. You can even apply this gel daily. It leaves a light cast and makes your hair shiny. No crusty hair after it dries, and it pairs well with other styling products. It makes your curls more defined and does not cause itching. 

Giovanni L. A. Hold Hair Styling Gel 

Giovanni L. A. Styling gel comes with natural surface enhancers. The hair gel controls frizz and secures shape. It is a hair styling gel with extreme hold. It shines brilliantly with surface enhancers. This gel will not strip colour, dull, or damage your hair. It is colour safe and free from harmful toxins like paraben and cruelty. It is the best hair gel for frizzy hair styling. It has a thick texture and mild fragrance. It is applicable in all seasons. 

Super Smelly Style N Grow Natural Hair Gel 

Super Smelly Style N Grow Hair Gel is enriched with onion oil that reduces hair fall, strengthens hair, and helps faster regrowth. It also has biotin that adds volume and prevents thinning, and flaxseed oil rich in Vitamin E that adds shine to your hair and protects against free radical damage. In addition, it comes with rosemary and aloe vera to prevent dandruff and itching. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and a suitable gel for straight hair, wavy hair, frizzy hair, and curly hair. It is dermatologically tested for adolescents and provides a strong hold for hair. It is one of the best hair gels. 

Mancode Hair Gel Wax Ultra Hold 

Mancode Hair Gel wax protein formula comes with wheat and Vitamin E for all-day hold without dryness. This gel lends flexibility to your hair and allows you to change your hairstyle conveniently. You don’t need to shampoo harder to stain illness. It is convenient to apply and remove this gel. It provides soft and smooth glossy hair and increases hair volume. It does not contain harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, and sulfate. It is an ideal hair gel for men. It is concerned with treating frizzy hair. 

Set Wet Wet Look Hair Styling Gel 

Set Wet Daily Use wet look hair gel is lightweight. The gel prevents dryness and is suitable for only men. It helps in holding hairstyle all day long and smoothes frizzy hair. It comes with the goodness of pro-Vitamin B5, water-soluble vitamin that moisturises hair, keeping it soft and strong. You can make any hairstyle easily with this gel. It’s ideal for straight, curly or wavy hair types.

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