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Not everyone is blessed with long, voluminous hair, but don’t give up hope. There are ways to cheat!

Sure, hair extensions are one of the easiest solutions, but it’s not the cheapest. Especially as summer approaches, it’s not exactly ideal for everyone to walk around with heavy, thick hair clipped to the scalp. So if you are looking for instant and cheap solutions, well this article is for you! Here are 10 ways to get thicker hair.

cut hair

Oh yeah, you read it well. Shorter hair can actually make your hair look fuller. Having super long hair isn’t always the most appropriate style because that same hair can pull the roots down and therefore look flat and shapeless.

Dry shampoo

As we told you in the article ” 6 tips to be top in 5 minutes in the morning “, applying dry shampoo to your roots before going to bed allows the product to act longer while removing its white particles. So it has time to absorb all the unwanted moisture and oil that tends to make your hair look dull and thin. The hair is clean and more voluminous. Know that you do not have to have dirty hair to use this product.

Dry inside out

It is known, drying your hair upside down can help give more volume to your brushing. This method works for the simple reason that it fixes your roots vertically. Remember to use a heat protectant spray before using your hair dryer because a large dose of heat makes the hair frizzy and dull.

Use hair mousse

Mousse is a great way to give fine and/or flat hair more structure. There are different types of hair mousse, mousses for curls, smoothing mousses/creams but also mousses to give volume.

On damp hair, squeeze out a dollop of mousse on your palm and distribute evenly over the ends of your hair. Comb your hair then scrunch the ends up. Wait for the product to penetrate completely before starting to dry.

Avoid oil-based products

It is true that oil-based hair products provide several benefits for the hair like shine and nutrition. But this type of product can make your hair heavy and very oily. This option is therefore more suitable for thick, curly and frizzy hair, as it helps to tame the hair, but for those with thin hair, it is important to give preference to water-based products.

You’ve probably seen pictures of your mother or even your grandmother with 80s style hair. But if you have thin, flat hair, maybe you should take a cue! Backcombing your hair with a comb may not be the healthiest solution for your hair, but it makes for easy, instant volume. You can also prolong the volume gained with this trick by applying hairspray to the curly part of your hair. Be sure to do this before ironing with a creping brush.

It might sound a bit crazy, but if you fill in the gaps in your brows with pencil or powder, why not fill in your roots too? When you have fine hair or you lose your hair, you can see small holes in the hair.

If you have time, choose an eyeshadow or brow powder that matches your root color. Apply it on your scalp to create an optical effect and make it look like you have more hair in certain places. You can also use this trick along your roots.


Earlier you were offered to cut your hair to give volume to your hair. But if you don’t want to touch the length of your hair, you can also ask your hairdresser to thin it out. This will make them lighter and they will appear bulkier.

If you have naturally straight, fine hair, you can easily add volume and shape through your hair with texturizing products such as waxes, pastes, or even sprays. Always be careful when using these products because overuse can make your hair brittle, dry and frizzy. To avoid chemical damage, always use a conditioner when washing your hair.

Change your side parting

We also find this trick in the article “ How to give shape to flat hair? “.Since most of us have kept the same side parting for years and it can make hair flat. By getting used to always being in the same position, they grow in the same direction and lose their natural volume. By reversing the direction of your hair from time to time, it can instantly give your roots a voluminous effect.

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