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Treating yourself to and choosing a new watch deserve some thought. The watch is much more than a fashion accessory. It brings the final touch to your look and makes it more authentic. The timepiece also makes it possible to assert its personality. As a result, it is not always easy to find the right model that matches your style and tastes. The purpose of this guide is to advise you in the choice of your watch according to your style of dress and even according to your lifestyle.

The Sportswear style and the sportsman

Basketball fans like the Nike Air Force 1 or the Adidas Forum, do you wear hoodies and joggers? You fall into this style category. Precious metal watches and leather straps are not for you. The ideal watch for you should be light, comfortable, robust and resistant.

So favor sports watches such as military watches for example. It is distinguished by its dial and its fairly large hands like the Admiral Sport Watch . Also favor rubber and silicone straps for more comfort and resistane.

Admiral sport blue watch worn with the other models shown on the side

If you are a real hard-core athlete, then sports watches such as connected watches , GPS running watches or even diving watches will suit you perfectly. In this case, choose your watch according to the sport you practice. Find out how to choose the right Sport Watch for men .

Dandy style

The Dandy style corresponds to an impeccable outfit. This style includes items such as a blazer, shirt, waistcoat, well-tailored pants, suit, tie or bow and nowadays jeans, chinos and wool sweaters. It’s a style that’s neither too business nor too casual.

 If you recognize yourself in this style then the models that suit you are the dressy and original watches . A distinction is made between vintage watches , luxury watches or even elegant designer watches such as the Milanese Elegance Watch . Leather, gold, stainless steel or even Milanese mesh bracelets are not lacking in charm with round or rectangular dials.

Oyster Titanium gold watch with a glass of whiskey

For this kind of style, wooden watches can also be suitable. Moreover, these models adapt to all types of clothing style. Very trendy at the moment, they are durable, elegant and robust. It is a natural material that can bring you the touch of originality.

Casual style

If you can afford a more casual look to go to work then you have a casual or casual chic style. This style of clothing is defined by pieces such as a blazer, a sailor top in a sweater or t-shirt, a wool vest, jeans and chinos.

In this category, prefer steel watches that you can wear every day. Choose models with colorful dials and stylish straps. You can also opt for watches from major brands such as the Omega Speedmaster or the GMT-Master II from Rolex

 However, for everyday life, it is better to opt for trendy models at affordable prices like the Steel Moon Watch . It’s best to reserve your top brand luxury watches for your collection or for special occasions to minimize the risk of loss or damage.

The formal style

Are you a businessman, banker or financier and formal attire is mandatory for you? You can opt for the charm of mechanical watches. A mechanical watch has an automated winding mechanism.

It has the advantage of providing a chic, unique and personalized style even if it is often luxury watches, in good value, although the price is rather high. To make this watch more aesthetic, you have to choose a quality strap, whether in leather or steel.

Sporty watches should be avoided as they can devalue and make your look inconsistent. This can harm your image with those around you: colleagues, customers, associates, etc. If you really care about sports watches, wear them during weekends, holidays or during your sports sessions.

Urban look

If you are an active man who sends back an image of an adventurer then the urban look (Jeans, sweater, basketball, shirt, boots, bombers, trench coat, etc.) characterizes you. For an urban look, the watch does not have to be complicated. Discover urban style looks for men .

A minimalist model will also highlight an urban outfit. For example, you can choose a quartz watch with a slim and clean design with a little touch of elegance. In general, this type of watch is offered with a stainless steel dial. Straps can be leather, metal, rubber or suede.

  Your clothing style can therefore define your choice of watches. However, do not forget to choose models that you like and that make you feel comfortable. The ideal watch is the one that matches your clothes and your personality.

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