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Choosing your first luxury watch is not easy when you have never learned too much about it. To get your first Rolex, it’s better to take a look at what exists to be sure to find the model that suits you best.

An iconic watch

Choosing a luxury watch is one thing, choosing a Rolex is another. Especially when it comes to his first watch. It will have an even more symbolic value, being the very first in your collection. Rolex is an iconic brand, it is the reference in the world of luxury watchmaking. It is an important purchase not to be made on a whim, it is better to be sure of your choice. It is also a gift of choice to celebrate an occasion, a promotion, a new job, a new house etc. Thus, at each new stage, a Rolex watch can be added to your collection. Today you can find  pre-owned Rolex watches online . This can be a good way to afford a Rolex at a lower cost to start your collection.

To choose well, you have to take into account a few criteria such as the technical strength, the aesthetics of the model and even the history behind it. The Rolex Submariner, the GMT-Master, the Sea-Dweller or the Cosmograph Daytona are legendary models. It is not necessary to rush on these models but it can give ideas. Your first Rolex must correspond to you above all, no need to look for the rarest or most expensive models. On the contrary, it is better to focus on the design, the technical characteristics and only then the price.

Some essential criteria

A watch of the quality of Rolex watches will accompany you all your life. You can even pass it on to your children. It must therefore relate to you and symbolize your criteria.

The first thing to determine before buying is the budget you are going to devote to this watch. As a first purchase, you can, if you opt for a second-hand, restrict your budget. It is quite possible to afford models in very good condition in second hand.

Once the budget has been defined, it is necessary to look at the model. Rolex watches all have a special history. Each model has been developed in a specific context, for diving, to follow two time zones at the same time or to celebrate a character for example. This is what makes them special. All you have to do is find a model that suits you and that you can identify with.

The third criterion not to be overlooked is the characteristics of the watch. Often linked to the story behind the model, the characteristics are to be taken into account depending on your situation. You have to find a watch that will suit your lifestyle. A professional watch, a watch for sports or for sailing, for example. Your watch must have the right features to adapt to your daily life. It is therefore necessary to take into account the materials or the sealing if necessary.

In short, your first watch will accompany you all your life, it must reflect your image.

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