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Choosing an engagement ring should be a pleasant experience. We choose a ring for life. This choice can sometimes be difficult for some. Maison Celinni helps you in this choice:

With the sufficient amount of knowledge, the enthusiasm to ask for the hand of the woman of your dreams, the exercise should be very nice. You will discover on this article the most important things to choose the ideal engagement ring.

Diamond engagement ring

There is the simple engagement ring with a central diamond only or the one accompanied with diamonds on the sides to enhance the center stone like a diamond for example. A diamond engagement ring should match your skin tone with either white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

The engagement ring can be worn alone or with the wedding band depending on the setting chosen, its thickness and the diamonds that compose it.

Be familiar with jewelry vocabulary

Giving the impression that you know what you’re looking for will increase your confidence and help you communicate more easily with different jewelry sellers. Here are some of the terms to know:

Engagement ring body

It is the circular part of the ring that is around the finger. It is usually made from 18k gold, 750/1000 or platinum 950/1000 (Fun fact: it can also be made from another combination of metals). Gold is yellow in its natural state and is normally alloyed with another metal for longevity. Some prefer the lighter yellow color of less pure gold like 14k or 10k. White gold is yellow gold alloyed with white melt metals to give the impression of an off-white color and should be coated with another metal, rhodium, for a shiny silver appearance. The plating generally dissipates every 3 years, Maison Celinni offers a service to upgrade your jewel free of charge every 18 months. Indeed, the plate is hard,

Engagement ring kitten

This is the part that holds the stone in place, it is the part that is attached to the body of the ring. Some jewels combine a yellow gold body and a platinum setting to have a contrast bringing out the center stone. There are different types of kittens. The most common is the 6 claw kitten which offers a very beautiful setting in beauty of the diamond and offers a maximum security.

Gemstone or diamond?

This is THE centerpiece of the engagement ring. This stone is generally a diamond, it is a magic and exceptional stone. But it is just as possible to have your engagement ring made with a center stone other than the diamond (such as an emerald, a sapphire or a ruby).

If your choice is the diamond, you must know its main characteristics:

The 4Cs of the diamond: these are the carats, the color, the clarity and the cut of the stone. Click here to find out more  These 4 characteristics are sometimes not enough… There is a 5th C: Trust. Indeed, a reputable diamond dealer is the first thing to consider when making a smart diamond purchase. Your diamond dealer must have a perfect knowledge of his profession to assist you in this important purchase. Next, always insist on getting a diamond certified by an independent lab. A good professional will be happy to provide you with a certificate from an independent laboratory.

Why an independent gemmological laboratory?

This is in order to ensure an objective appraisal of the diamond. There is always a conflict of interest if the person selling the diamond certifies it themselves. We offer automatic certification from center diamonds weighing more than 0.50 carat. We can offer certified diamonds from 0.15 carat. Consult us for any diamond information.

Why a diamond laboratory?

A good laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment. Some characteristics like the treatment or the artificial magnificence of a stone can only be detected by advanced machines.

In other words, a certificate is an objective expert opinion. The certification of your diamond for your engagement ring is a guarantee for you. Plus the certificate itself is worth the money.

Choose a good professional for your engagement ring

There is no secret, there is no ideal jeweler. Sometimes, we even advise our customers to buy a product two or three times more expensive Place Vendôme if it matches their character and especially their wallet because the important thing is to feel good.

If you can, check that the professional is a member of a trade union chamber, an interprofessional association. For information, Maison Celinni is a member of the Antwerpsche Diamantkring, which is the rough diamond exchange in Antwerp. Only five French companies are listed there. (Fun fact: this is the highest court in the diamond world)

Option of the jeweler in the showroom or in the jewelry store

Ask your married friends or family for recommendations on a good, trusted jeweler. However, be careful, trust only people you trust completely. Otherwise you risk finding yourself paying twice the price and the engagement ring not necessarily being suitable and the after-sales service being non-existent. Then choose a structure that has existed for several years and that is sufficiently equipped to satisfy you to choose a pretty engagement ring.

Maison Celinni is present in a large part of France. You can easily find a Celinni showroom near you: Paris, Lille, Lyon, Nice, Montpellier and Bordeaux. We are also present abroad, in Switzerland and Morocco.

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