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One of the most frequently asked questions here and on Instagram is undeniably “where is your engagement ring from?” Vincent proposed to me in January 2018 in Los Angeles and we got married 9 months later in December 2018. When Vincent proposed to me, he did so with a fancy ring that looked like a solitaire so that we can choose the “real” engagement ring together when we return to Paris.

Even though Vincent knows me well, he was not 100% comfortable with the idea of ​​choosing an engagement ring for me, because he also knows that I have very specific tastes. I understand ! I really appreciated his approach and we took great pleasure in learning about different jewelers and trying on different models of engagement rings together, it was a very exciting and precious experience for both of us before our wedding. !

The discovery of Valérie Danenberg

After weeks of learning about different designers without having a crush, I started to tell myself that I was not going to find THE engagement ring of my dreams. I was looking for a retro ring, almost like an old piece of jewelry, but still modern, with a romantic side. That’s when my friend Mathilde, who worked in jewelry, told me about designer Valérie Danenberg, telling me that she thought I would definitely like the style of her jewelry.

We both went to see the rings and what a crush! I tried on a dozen rings, all sublime and perfectly in the spirit I was looking for. I had spotted the Eliette ring on Valérie Danenberg’s eshop and when I put it on my finger it was obvious: she was my future engagement ring! I came back to try it a few days later with Vincent and he liked it as much as I did! I had already presented it to you at the time on the blog .

Questions to ask yourself when choosing your engagement ring

I know that more and more couples prefer to choose the engagement ring together and I understand it! These are often jewels in which we often invest a certain budget and choosing the jewel together makes it possible to ensure that it is 100% liked. To still create the surprise effect, the idea of ​​making a request with a non-precious ring like Vincent did is really great, I think!

If you decide to choose the engagement ring of the person to whom you want to offer it yourself (which is also great, of course), you can probe the style of their favorite jewelry or ask their loved ones for advice to guide you. !

What style of ring?

There are different styles of rings that will match different styles and sensibilities. Solitaire, classic ring, retro-inspired ring, ring with a modern and original design… it’s an extremely personal choice! Just be sure to choose a ring that suits you perfectly , timeless in your eyes and that you will be sure to love all your life, without getting tired of it or regretting your choice. Do not let yourself be influenced by the choice of others, choose this jewel for you!

What is your budget ?

Obviously this is an important question to ask yourself to guide your research! Your budget will guide you for the choice of the stone in particular, its size as well as the metal chosen. Today you can easily know the type of ring that corresponds to your budget thanks to the eshops of the jewelers on which the prices are displayed, which allows you to identify models and to be more comfortable by trying on in store. afterwards. Shopping for jewelry can be daunting!

Which center stone?

Before falling in love with my Eliette engagement ring , I had always imagined myself with a ring whose central stone would not be a colored stone! I had immediately oriented my initial research towards rings with an emerald, a sapphire or a ruby ​​as the central stone. This proves that you have to keep an open mind, because sometimes you fall in love with something you weren’t necessarily looking for at the start (I’ll give the same advice for choosing the wedding dress).

Remember to think about how the colored stones will go with the colors you are used to wearing, to ensure that you will not get tired of the color of the chosen stone.

What shape for the central stone?

There are different shapes for the central stone: round, princess, oval, pear, baguette, marquise, emerald, cushion etc.  Once again it is a completely personal choice and will depend on the tastes of each one. Some shapes will offer a more modern or, on the contrary, more retro aspect to a jewel.

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