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Is your baby due soon? Superb news. It will be time to prepare for his arrival. First stage ? The famous birth outfit. Today there is a wide choice of clothes and essential pieces for birth (cotton bodysuits, little dresses, jumpsuits, very soft pajamas, etc.) and enough to imagine a perfect wardrobe, both practical and comfortable. In particular, there are several ranges (boys, girls, mixed). Discover in this guide all the information you need to know in order to choose the perfect outfit for your future child.

What gift for the birth of a baby?

The birth outfit is a perfect gift for the arrival of a baby! It is also quite possible to direct your entourage towards the rooms that you like the most, and this through the famous birth list (a bit like a wedding list but for the arrival of a child) . On this one, we generally find the changing mat, the diaper bin, the bathtub, the baby nasal aspirator, the medical thermometer, the bath toys, the pajamas… In short, a panoply of essentials to facilitate the first baby and parent days. The birth outfit therefore fits perfectly into this framework. This will also be an opportunity to allow those around you to celebrate the arrival of the baby in style with you.

Why choose a newborn baby outfit?

Good question !! The idea is to prepare the baby’s first outfit in advance. This allows you to be more relaxed on D-Day, and above all to immediately give your baby his identity, his character. The birth outfit is an essential element, which will mark your memories for a lifetime.

How to choose the best newborn outfit for baby?

Let’s get into the heart of the subject. So, what clothes for a birth outfit? What size to choose? What styles (colors, prints, etc.)? Which subjects ? What parts are essential? We have developed a complete range of birth clothes for babies aged 1 to 12 months. We find all the classics and the essentials (jumpsuit, bodysuit, very warm sweaters, hats, hats, shoes, dress, shirt, tights, socks, bathing cape, t-shirt, romper, etc… To find your way around, We share with you in this guide our best advice and the different options available to you.You are only a few clicks away from the ideal birth outfit for your newborn!

What are the 3 essential products for baby’s birth outfit?

Pajamas (onesie version) : This is the first item to choose for a baby’s birth outfit. Choose a soft and warm format. There is a wide choice of variations (white, beige, star print, plain, etc.).

The birth cap

This is an essential element, especially when the birth is planned for winter or during a period when the temperatures are quite cool. Kiabi offers a wide selection of hats from birth (up to size 18 months). Note that there are also sets with hat and neckerchief. It can be an excellent choice to accompany a down jacket, a parka or a coat.


They are essential, whatever the season. The socks make it possible to take care of the baby, and to keep his still fragile feet warm. Kiabi has designed a wide selection of baby socks for girls and boys, available in many options (low or high, sizes, individually or in sets, plain or patterned, simple or with ruffles, etc. There is necessarily the model of your dreams.

What cheap clothes for baby’s birth outfit?

The arrival of a baby can generate a large number of costs. It is estimated that for all the essential equipment and items, the average envelope in France is around €1,500. And the birth outfit is not to be outdone, but rest assured, it is quite possible to dress your baby without breaking the bank. Kiabi has in fact developed a range of products adapted to all tastes and especially all budgets. Until a few years ago, it was almost impossible to find newborn outfits with neutral colors. Very often, we had the choice between blue for boys, and pink for girls. Recently, things have changed a lot. There are now mixed birth outfits. They are available in neutral colours, soft materials and practical formats. It can be an excellent choice to prepare for the arrival of your baby. This is also the case, not only for the birth outfit but also for all the accessories and ancillary items (basket, nappies, care products, etc.) as well as for the decoration of the future room (bed, tapestry , toys, etc.).

The best outfits for your boy

Kiabi has imagined perfect birth outfits for the arrival of a little boy. Models that are both beautiful, practical and comfortable. It is the best choice for baby to always feel comfortable, but also to make life easier for parents. In other words ? It’s the perfect combination of style and comfort. Discover without further delay the range of newborn clothes for boys offered by Kiabi.

Pretty newborn outfits for your daughter

Your little girl will soon point the tip of her nose, that should change your life! For its first days, Kiabi has designed a collection of newborn clothes especially for girls. You will find all the essentials (soft sleeping bags, set of comfortable socks, cozy hat, short or long-sleeved t-shirt, pajamas, etc.) . For each product, there is something to satisfy all tastes and desires (sober colors, outfits with a pattern).

Which set for your baby depending on the season?

When a birth is planned in the middle of summer or in the middle of winter, the organization of the baby’s arrival is a little different. This is particularly the case for the birth outfit. We will opt for more flexible and light clothing in hot weather, and conversely a warm and comfortable variation in winter. Discover all the essential information on the subject.

Very warm newborn outfits for babies in winter

In winter, you have to be particularly careful. Baby’s immune defenses are not yet at their peak, so you have to prevent them from catching cold. For this, the birth outfit must be designed to be warm and insulating. Also choose soft materials. The skin of a newborn baby is indeed more fragile and more sensitive to tissue friction. For example, opt for velvet pajamas, wool-blend sweaters and knitwear, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a cotton hat, lots of organic cotton and ribbed knit socks, a padded pilot suit, etc… One word order: warmth and comfort!

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