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As parents, you may run out of ideas on how to dress your little girl. In particular, it is difficult to choose the clothes of his little girl.

Of course, it’s a bit complex, because each child is unique. Therefore, the choice of fabric and the notion of tastes and styles are very important. Our advice for choosing clothes for a little girl between 2 and 4 years old.

Determine the dress size of your little girl

Indeed, when it comes to children’s clothing, dress size is a detail that should not be overlooked. Of course, a 2-year-old girl does not have the same dress size as a 4-year-old girl. Nevertheless, to choose a suitable garment for the figure of a little girl, it is necessary to know at least her age and her average height in cm.

To serve as an example, a 2-year-old girl has an average height of approximately 82-88 cm. While a 4-year-old girl can measure around 99 to 105 cm. That said, for a purchase of clothing for a little girl , betting on the size above is ideal. That is to say, for a 3-year-old girl, we expect 4 years. Indeed, the child will wear a slightly large garment, but it will be a matter of weeks before the garment fits him perfectly. In this way, the purchase will also pay for itself.

Prefer cotton clothes

Indeed, it is essential that children feel comfortable with their everyday clothes with linen dress, wherever they are. And for information, the skin of children is five times thinner than that of adults. As a result, fabrics that are unsuitable for their needs can make them much more sensitive to friction and discomfort.

Related to this, cotton remains the ideal fabric for children’s clothing. In fact, this chemical-free material is better, since it avoids discomfort, does not produce any type of allergies and allows the skin to sweat properly. In addition, cotton fabrics are easy to wash and durable. So, do not hesitate to select a little dress, pants or cotton bodysuits for her little girl depending on the occasion.

So young and so stylish

Sometimes you have to admit that children have their own tastes and desires too. In other words, being still a little girl never implies that parents can afford to dress them anyhow. So, from an early age, it is essential to teach your little girl a taste for style. In this regard, the following points should be taken into account in order to easily choose the clothes of his little girl.

A priori, choose her look according to her age, her morphology and her personal taste, because it is sure that she has a preference for such or such clothing or for such or such color. Then, depending on the desired look, choose the pieces of clothing: overalls, a skirt, pants, a dress, bombers, etc. On the other hand, you always have to get your little girl used to wearing matching and up-to-date clothes. In other words, it is advisable to choose outfits according to the weather and the occasion. Thus, the sporty look, the denim style, the girly style or the British spirit remain alternatives of choice.

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